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Sleep Caps

Sleeping on smooth fabrics such as silk or satin is recommended for for protecting your hair from breakage while sleeping. One simple way to protect your hair while you sleep is with a hair-friendly sleep cap. We are happy to offer you a selection of handcrafted sleep caps to help encase your delicate tresses in luxury while also looking good. Each of these sleep caps has the following features:

1. Double sided. Each sleep cap is made from two layers of fabric so they feel as good on your hair on the inside as they look on the outside.

2. Ribbon tie. Each handcrafted double sided sleep cap is accompanied by a ribbon which you tie to your exact head measurements. That way it fits your head and is neither too tight or too loose. We chose ribbon instead of elastic because elastic wears out with time and wears out much faster when it comes in contact with the oils of our face and hair.

We offer two types: silk charmeuse and polyester charmeuse (made from polyester but with the texture of sueded silk charmeuse) For details about each one, click the links below:

Silk Charmeuse Sleep Cap
Polyester Charmeuse Sleep Cap