Silk Charmeuse Sleep Caps - The Original

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Sleeping on smooth fabrics such as silk or satin is recommended for for protecting your hair from breakage while sleeping. One simple way to protect your hair while you sleep is with a hair-friendly sleep cap. We are happy to offer you handcrafted silk sleep caps to help encase your delicate tresses in luxury while also looking good.

Our Silk Charmeuse Sleep Caps offer the following features:
  • Soft, luxurious surface for your hair.
  • Breathable. Lightweight in the summer, but will help your head stay warm in the winter.
  • Should be washed by hand.
  • Double-sided. Made from two layers of silk charmeuse fabric so it feels as good on your hair on the inside as it looks on the outside.
  • Ribbon tie. Each sleep cap is accompanied by a grosgrain ribbon which you tie to your exact head measurements. That way it fits your head and is neither too tight or too loose.
  • Cap is approximately 18 inches in diameter.
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.

A letter from the creator of Northwest Scents™ Silk Charmeuse Sleep Caps.

The Original Sueded Silk Charmeuse Sleep Cap
“I hope you enjoy your USA handmade Original Sueded Silk Charmeuse Sleep Cap.
I’m honestly flattered that so many have worked so hard to copy my original design. It tells you how fabulous my sleep caps are. But let me tell you what makes my sleep caps, which have been sold online through the Franklin and Franklin Co. since 2009, different and special.
I made these silk caps with ME in mind. I needed something that would protect my growing tresses and at the same time let me sleep comfortably, so I thought through my own cap before making it. At the time, before I had created these sleep caps, there was nothing like them on the market. I created my own pattern and system of putting the cap together. Each step of making every sleep cap that I make is done by me.
There are lots of things I could do to make producing these sleep caps easier and cheaper, but I don’t do them, because I want to offer you the
highest quality silk sleep cap possible. Yes, our silk sleep caps may cost more than some of the others out there, but there are good reasons for this. I don’t outsource my production to workers making pennies in a hot factory. Instead, I make each sleep cap myself. I don’t use cheap, thin silk (there are different types and they tend to break down quickly). Instead I use the more expensive sueded silk charmeuse which is thicker, and long lasting (They have lasted so long that I’ve only used two in 18 years). I don’t use elastic, which will break down when you use lots of oils and moisturizers in your hair, and which can also be uncomfortable. I use ribbon, which you can adjust to your own head size. Your product is USA Handmade!
And then the details. Each of these details were things I wanted in my sleep cap. I would not sell you something I wouldn’t use myself and I try to do that no matter what I make.
The details:
Elastic vs Ribbon: As a woman of color I use lots of moisturizers and oils on my hair. If you’ve noticed elastic doesn’t like that. Elastic will quickly break down under all those products. So there is no elastic in my sleep caps. That also means a more comfortable sleep. I use ribbon so that you can tie the cap to your own specific head size. Not mine or Jane’s down the street. Yours!
Sueded Silk Charmeuse vs Silk Charmeuse: All silk is not created equal. My sleep caps are made with Sueded Silk Charmeuse. Not the much lighter, thinner, cheaper silk charmeuse. Your Sueded Silk Charmeuse product is heavier and will last longer. And not only is it made with Sueded Silk Charmeuse it is made with a high quality Sueded Silk Charmeuse. Believe me I even tried a lower cost Sueded Silk Charmeuse from a budget company to try and bring the price down but the difference was clear. The quality, sheen, and weight were not there.
Durability: And, while I don’t necessarily recommend it, your sleep cap will stand up to being washed in the washing machine. Again I don’t recommend it but I wash my own cap in the washing machine weekly. And NOT on the delicate cycle. (Hey! I’m busy!)
Finished Edges: Your Sueded Silk Charmeuse cap is finished inside and out. The edges are finished inside and then a version of a french seam on the outside for double protection. Not frayed edges to come undone after only a few months of wear.
I started making my Sueded Silk Charmeuse Sleep caps with me in mind. That is always the basis for a good product. I didn’t make them to sell and originally did not want to because I knew the price it took to put together a good quality product.
Have you ever purchased a cheaper knockoff of an item because it was, cheaper? And what happened? Did that product last? Did you have to buy a new one shortly thereafter? If so, you probably spent more than if you had purchased the original item.
Go for quality every time.
This is a product I test daily. They are made so well that in 18 years of making these I’ve only had two caps. I’m on my second one, and it still looks as good as when I first made it over 7 years ago.”