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Northwest Scents Sample Kits

Northwest Scents Natural Black Hair Care Products

Natural Products for Black, African American, Afro Caribbean, 4C, and Highly Textured Hair

Northwest Scents Samples and Sample Kits

Try Northwest Scents™ natural hair care products with our samples and sample kits.
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Northwest Scents Three Piece Sample Kits

Our three piece sample kits are available in lavender-rosemary or peppermint and contain the following items:
  • one 2 ounce bottle of Northwest Scents Moisturizing Shampoo
  • one 2 ounce bottle of Northwest Scents™ Moisturizing Hair Oil
  • one 2 ounce bottle of Northwest Scents™ Hair Conditioner

Buy Northwest Scents Lavender Rosemary Sample Kit on Amazon.
Buy Northwest Scents Peppermint Sample Kit on Amazon.
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Northwest Scents Individual Samples

Individual samples of Northwest Scents™ products are available on ebay. 

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